Wednesday, 23 January 2013

#9: Lipstick play

Happy snowday everyone!

So if you're living in the UK, no doubt you've been affected in some way by the snow. It's been pretty awful in the midlands where I live so I'm filling a cold day with a onesie, hot water bottle, a mint aero hot chocolate and some blogging. On Monday I noticed that a very talented and inspiring make up artist Karla Powell was running a competition to find someone to assist her on her next project. I really look up to Karla as an inspiration and she is currently somewhere I would one day love to reach. That being said, I entered, fingers and toes crossed.

Karla had asked the people who entered the competition to find inspiration from her "colour run" lips series that she shot with photographer Jayesh Pankhania, and to post our images onto her Facebook page. I decided that my two favourite shots were the black and pink lip and the blue and magenta lip she created, so decided to use similar colours with my entry. Here is a picture of the amazing work Karla and Jayesh created together.

I went for an ombré style lip from one side of the lip to the other fading from black to blue to purple to pink. I used everything from a NARS black eyeliner to MAC pros 'Lipmix' to create my finished piece and I was really happy with it!

I didn't win, but there were so many brilliant entries, and to be honest I just liked the fact it pushed me to be a bit more creative. I'm not overly confident in some aspects of make up still and I think it's great to push your creative boundaries and realise that actually, you can do it. Practice makes perfect and one day I hope to be in the same calibre as artists like Karla.

I hope you are as inspired as I was of Karla's work and here are some links if you would like to see more of what she, or Jayesh does;

Twitter: @karlapowellmua
Instagram: @karlapowellmua

I saw this quote on one of my colleague's Facebook pages last night and it sums up experiences you will always have in this industry; 'disappointments are just life's way of saying I've got something better... Be patient, live life, have faith.' Never give up!

With those inspirational words, I will leave you with a picture of the snow at my house. Not going to lie, I don't have much faith that this will thaw anytime soon!

Kate x




  1. Hi Love the Lipstick look and it looks like you got a ton of snow too haha. Look forward to reading more of your posts !
    Just followed as well :)

    -Angelica @

  2. I like this stunning Make up post