Sunday, 6 January 2013

#6: Bonjour from Agadir! Duty Free beauty purchases.

Hey everyone,

No I'm not backward in thinking Morocco is in France, it's their second language after Arabic. Wasn't too sure on the Arabic greeting so I'm sticking with what I know!

I am currently away on holiday with my boyfriend until the 10th January, but I am constantly in work mode so am always reading up on blogs, twitter and general make up news. Seeing as my New Years resolution was to blog more, I also want to live up to that. So here I am, Smirnoff and
Lemonade in hand, by the pool ready to blog for you. This could get messy.

In my eyes a holiday starts the minute you enter the beautiful world of Duty Free, where anything you purchase "doesn't count", until you get home, look at your bank balance and think sh*t. I actually outdid myself this year and bought something I could have got in duty free for full price in Manchester the day before we even flew out. I was worried they wouldn't have it in stock so as far as I'm concerned that was reason enough. The other thing I bought was MAC, and I should've got it before with my discount. But I forgot. When it comes to spending, all control is lost.

What did I buy?

YSL Le Teint touché éclat foundation (BD30)
MAC Prep & prime Highlighter (Bright Forecast)

Do I love them both?

HELL YES! No seriously they are amazing.

Although I work for MAC and absolutely believe 100% in all their foundations, as a make up artist I refuse to get stuck in a rut with my make up by only using one brand. I like to try new things and it in no way means I don't wear MAC foundation. Studio Sculpt and Face & Body are staples in both my professional and personal make up kits, but when a foundation makes such a stir in the beauty world it would be rude not to try it. And I'm so glad I did.
This isn't a massively in depth review, but if you want to find out more about the product and the science behind it and it's shades, there are so many brilliantly comprehensive reviews on the web about it.

I am really taken by this foundation, I think it makes my skin look flawless and dewy but at the same time very natural. Exactly what I'm looking for. It is a dream to apply and I find using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush or my MAC #130 brush gives it that soft focus photoshop look. I was very impressed with its longevity. I applied it at 3.40am before flying and I took the picture below at about 6pm at the hotel. It still looked brilliant and felt lovely on my skin. I have combination skin but it didn't make my tzone look shiny at all and i didn't powder it through the day. The packaging is so luxurious which I personally like very much. I saw a video of Corrie (Dizzybrunette3) on YouTube wearing this and I was like "omg I need this in my life. NEED." Her skin looked perfect. So thanks Corrie, I'm sure I'm not the only one!

MAC Prep&Prime Highlighter in bright forecast is a little miracle in a pen to me. It is the piece of the puzzle I have been missing in my make up routine and now I'm 99% happy that my face make up routine is now foolproof. I apply this over my NW (pink toned) pro Longwear concealer under my eyes and my dark circles are combatted. Here's what MAC say and I agree... "A pen-style highlighter that efficiently brings a soft sheer wash of colour to the skin. With its precision application, adds radiance just where you want it. Goes on smoothly for cushion-soft wear. Use over makeup for highlights, touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime."

I don't have a picture of the product but here is a picture of my eye area from last night. No editing has been done and the flash was on as I believe that picks up every little flaw. My eye circles are pretty bad and I can see such a difference when I use this in conjunction with my daily concealer. I find it to be nice and moisturising too and I've noticed it doesn't sit in any fine lines or wrinkles which is a huge plus for us ladies. I also find it much more pigmented than YSL's touché éclat so it's perfect for someone like me who needs that bit more coverage.

So that's what I bought! Have any of you tried either of these products? I love to hear what you think of products and also if you have any other questions about them, ask and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Goodbye for now, from sunny Agadir!

Kate x

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