Thursday, 1 November 2012

#3: Millie Mackintosh for Nouveau Lashes

Happy November everyone!

Ever since I heard Millie Mackintosh had her own lash designs out, I knew I had to get my hands on them; not only for myself but to also try them out for clients. When applied correctly, false eyelashes can really pull a look together and take it from day to evening in a timeless and classic way.

Millie has created her lashes with Nouveau Lashes, the brand responsible for HD Brows and LVL Lashes - two treatments I absolutely adore to induldge in. Looks like I can add Millie's Lashes to the list of things I am thankful to Nouveau for.

Each lash is named after a part of London and there are 9 lashes in the collection. They are contact lens wearer friendly, and made from 100% natural hair which makes them extremely lightweight on the eyes. The pack contains one pair of lashes, a step by step application guide which is perfect for false lash newbies, a teeny tiny pair of tweezers and a latex free adhesive. They are also dermatalogically tested in the UK, therefore they are perfectly safe for use on the skin.

The lashes that I chose to pick up were the Soho Lashes - beautifully full and wispy lashes which taper out thicker and longer towards the end giving that sexy flirty look on the eyes. These would be perfect for a smokey eye, or personally for me an everyday lash with a slick of liquid liner and a bright lip. I was really struck by how lovely the hair felt and how extremely light they are. The lash band is also great because it's not too thick so it's very easy to disguise.

I found them extremely easy to apply. This is a testament in itself because the day before I trialed these lashes I had the LVL treatment (read about that on my old blog here). I had LVL lashes last year and couldn't get any lashes on for love nor money - it was near impossible. These went on so easily and quickly, so even for novice eyelash appliers I think with a little bit of practice you'd be golden. The tweezers aren't my favourite thing, they take quite alot to tweeze them together, however they'll probably loosen up with use and I think it's a lovely touch putting them in the pack as that is how I always tend to apply my lashes on myself. I find it alot easier applying lashes to clients with my hands, but on myself tweezers work so much better.

I really like the adhesive. I decided to give the whole package a fair trial and use the adhesive instead of my beloved DUO glue. As it is latex free it's brilliant for anyone who suffers from a latex allergy or has sensitive skin in general. Even I sometimes find my eyes smarting thanks to DUO glue, and mine are in no way sensitive. I didn't get this at all with Millie's adhesive, and I even got some in my eye (don't ask), and it had no effect. The most important question is - does it hold the lashes well? The answer - definitely. It's great that it comes in a small vial with a thin rod so the glue goes nowhere but where it needs to go. Totally mess free. It also doesn't have that strange smell that DUO has and that I know alot of people are not keen on.

I think we can all agree that these lashes are pretty amazing! They feel so good on, practically weightless. I know I work for MAC, and I do truly love some of their lashes (#7s, #1s and #20s) but these just have a really natural feel to them. I think it's the fact the hair is natural and sometimes with synthetic hair, you get that tired and heavy feeling when you wear lashes - I promise with these you wouldn't. I'm truly impressed with these and will be using them on clients from here on in. You can buy Millie's Lashes online at and you can search for stockists in your area on Millie's official website - they are retailing for £8.99.

The above picture is me with no other make up on, so I will be sure to take a picture on Monday when I wear them down to London with my best friend for my birthday day out so you can see them in their full glory - follow me on twitter for any more lash related updates as I will be sure to be trying out more of these! @katelambiemua

The amazing salon I have a studio in, Vanity Chic in Shrewsbury, is now stocking Millie's Lashes so any girls that live there get down and get yours now! Why not book in with me for a full face of make up? You get the lashes included in the application & they're yours to keep, perfect for this time of year and the upcoming festive season.

Have any of you tried these lashes? Would love to know what you think of them!

Kate x

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